Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chapter 29: Anti-gravitational Bingo

For many years it has been assumed that forces such as Light and Gravity were unidirectional energies and, as such, incapable of having a directly opposing force. This theory was thrown out the proverbial window (on 5th dimensional Barq) with the invention of the Flashdark by a simple minded toy manufacturer, blissfully ignorant of these supposed “laws of the universe”. Apparently he was able to harness this energy purely because no one had the curtsey to inform him it was impossible. This discovery gave rise to a flurry of research dedicated to finding anti-gravity. Much to the chagrin of many white coat populated research labs, gravity was found to be far more similar to magnetism than had been previously considered. The much sought after levitational effects of the previously misnomered “anti-gravity” could be achieved by simply reversing the polarity of the gravitational pull of a fractional radian of whatever planet you happen to be on directly beneath whatever object it is you are attempting to levitate.

This is, of course, far easier said than done. The current state of affairs is that no one society has the entire technological wherewithal to accomplish this goal among their current repertoire of scientific wonders. It has become a bit of a race to see what planet can first develop all of the remaining parts (most notably the panharmonic resonator and the minimum distortion calcitrate).

This fierce rivalry between worlds has de-evolved into a fantastic source of gambling revenue in certain sub-cultures. As the various governmental factions of the known universe play their own version of Anti-gravitational bingo, bookies of all citizenships reap the benefits of this flurry of scientific discovery, combined with the greed of a thousand populaces. On any world you may stumble across, it is usually possible to pick up your own Anti-gravitational bingo card at the local Higher Scientific Casino, and begin tuning into SNN (The Scientific News Network) to fill out your card.

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